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On cleaning day in the craft room I found this large bag of zippers and now the questions is what the heck do I do with them? What was my original intent for these... I haven't A clue! I guess I should write on my boxes why I am saving them and what I candgo with them. Please tell me, I am not the only one saving all of crazy kinds of things and can't remember WHY!...lol

So I am open to suggestions! Or should I just goodwill them?



Etsy collage

Etsy collage, originally uploaded by The Chateau of Remants Flickr.
Here in Southern California it has been pouring rain for about 12 hours straight so I am using my time to put things together for Etsy! Just a few to start with! I think you can see what colors I was drawn to!

Stop my shop and take a peek if you will ... Please http://www.etsy.com/shop/ACraftyChateau

Later in the week I will have a lot more! I have about 3 my selves I am going through.

You can see the rain pouring out my front aluminum awning. All I hear is the sweet rain hitting the top. Music to my ears. Time to get cozy and have a cup of cocoa!


Elegant Things

Things so small have such elegance! The dainty and petiteness of these salt cellars and spoons had me drawn to them. I can see why little girl's always want to play tea party it had such a warm a cozy feeling with it! Playing with small little pieces of china and dressing up all girllee!
We really need to spend more time enjoying simple things than trying to rush. Whoever said bigger was better? It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

Sorry I have neglected my blog... Life sometimes gets in the way! Time for me to get back on track!