The Last days of the Halloween Swap!

I have to put all of my pictures on 1 post, We are leaving for a few days with no computer ...Yeah!




I am still have my missing number #19?? Is that like lucky #13?????? Spooky..lol


Time to play Catch up AGAIN!!!! 13 days of Halloween

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No matter how hard I try to keep up ... things get in the way!

Oh my goodness I have been sick for 2 weeks and now I am sick again with a UIT..YUK! Plus my daughter came home sick from school yesterday!

Only 4 more days til Halloween!




13 Days of Halloween

I am behind a fews days so I going to play catch up...lol Life just gets in the way sometimes!

Day #21

Day #22




12 Day til Halloween Swap Gift #2

Here is my #2 gift I opened today. I found out that Day #19 is missing I thing the dog has claimed it somewhere or I have a ghost in the house??? Kinda scary huh... I came in the box when Debra mailed it to me but it is no where to be found now??


13 Day til Halloween Swap Spooky Gift #1

The count down has started! We are 13 spooky days away from the frightful Halloween. I was in great spooky swap and I will open a present a day til Halloween... This is lucky #1 a glittered skull head & Candy! Very fun .. I cant to see what tomorrow will bring?

My swap partner was Debra @ http://willnnabel.blogspot.com/


Time to play Catch up!!

Sorry, I have been very busy lately! I took on a lot of Swap and Life have has given me some serious curve balls!

My nerves are on edge! I have my 20th Class reunion in 1 week and not sure about the whole thing! At first I was dying to go and now I realize most of the friends I really wanted to see and visit aren't attending (**sigh**) Plus, I had high hope to get off my bottom and loose some weight. I am not sure why I felt it was important but either way it has bummed me out, I haven't lost a pound!! I have been walking for 2 month and nothing?? Well, I am making my heart healthier right!! Second big issues is who has $200 for dinner and chit chat? Not me! Okay... (vent over)

Last I am having surgery in 2 weeks lots of female issues and soI going into do 1 procedure and depending on what the doctors find I might end up with a hysterectomy . Well I am not 40 yet and I don't want it but, I guess I have to do what needs to happen right! I have been praying a whole lot!

Now for the fun stuff! SWAPPING

13 Days of Halloween exchange arrived! Just and few more days and I will be able to open and you can see all my get gifts on the count down starting on OCTOBER 19Th!!
All for ME!!!!! My swap partner is Debra@ It's All Good

My second Swap was Artsy Mama's Sweet & Sinister Swap
I had Sheila @ blessedanddistressed
Our theme was to stay with Black and white with a hint of orange if we had to! I love everything!! So elegant if there is such a thing for Halloween! lol I loved how she packaged everything!