I was inspired

Here is my most recent creative books.... I will be listing to my website soon.
My Granny Paper Sack Album
Vintage Lady Butterfly Journal or Idea Book
Shabby Chic Romantic Brag Album


My New Challenges.. New Job

Oh my goodness who new? I kinda had to join the work force.... YIKES! Today was my first official first day. I am now working full time and trying to juggle hubby, kids, house and my Vintage business? Ladies, I need your help, how the heck do you do all it? I have no clue as to where to even start. I am so stressed out and tired. Already, so much had to happen kids going to sitters, dinner time is later or dive-thur, and showering @ 11:00pm. The worse thing that happened was my Granny went into the hospital last night and I couldn't even stay with her to make sure she is ok, She is still there and I can't visit no time! Lunchs, showers, and homework still!!!! Help... my hair turn grey overnight...lol
Thanks for listening to me vent! Sorry :)


Fall Time is Here!!

I have to say that Fall / Autumn, is my most favorite time of the year!
I truly enjoy leaves changing & falling, the Misty mornings, Warm drinks,
baking season, gourds, and smell of pumpkins!
I love the feeling of the Harvest in the Fall! And The spookiness of Halloween :)
(n.) The harvest or fruits of autumn.
(adj.) of fall, of the season between summer and winter
Here are some of my Favorite Vintage Pics, just wanted to share!


Working on Stuff for the Webstie making new purchases

Here are some of my new finds! If you are interest any items let me know and I would be happy let you give it a new home.

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My New Creations

My new Creations. I worked on these all day but, now I am on the computer all night...lol
I will be listing my creations on my etsy this week!



Flea Market Friday

Here are the items I just listed on my site :) Sorry, if this looks a little out of wack..lol I was up late working on my site and I think I got a little carried away. ooopps
Have a Blessed Weekend!

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