My Vintage Thingies Thursday

I have been trying to participate with
Suzanne's  Vintage Thingies Thursday    
for a while now but I always seem to miss it!  
Not this Thursday I am all over it! So go and check out her blog to see what else others are showing off of their Vintage Thingies :) 
I have this ♥ for antique quilts but know nothing about them! I am just drawn in to the color and patterns! 

So I am seeking some help here at the same time as showing off the pretty quilt I just found!  How do I date the quilt and how can I find the name of the pattern. The reason I ask is the lady I bought this from said it was from the early 1900's. So before I toss in the washer maybe you can tell how I should carefully wash it also.. ( it smells a little musky from sitting in the trunk)

 I just love the colors of this! Simply Adorable 

 Thanks for your help and looking at My Vintage Thingies Thursday....

Toodles, ♥