Flea Market Time

The Chateau of Remnants will be doing a "Flea market Barn Sale"
@ La Maison Rustique 39195 Avenida Antonovich Temecula, CA 92591

Mark Your Calenders
Friday & Saturday..March 20-21

I would love if you stopped bye and Visited US!

Great time for Shopping and Wine tasting in Old Temecula.

Come check out here blog and see the Barn!!


The Chateau has taken on a new look!!
Please stop by my site and let me know what you think!
I have been work on it all day! Hoping to have several things add by Sunday!!
just click on the pic to visit the shop!



The Meaning of Flowers

Here is a list of different flowers and what they mean.

* Acacia- means concealed love

* Ambrosia- means love that is reciprocated

* Azalea- means love and romance

* Birds of Paradise- mean magnificence

* Camellia- means longing for you

* Carnations- mean fascination

* Chrysanthemums (Red) - mean sharing

* Daffodil- means unrequited love

* Daisies (White) - mean loyal love

* Ferns- mean sincerity

* Gardenias- Mean I secretly love you

* Hibiscus- means delicate beauty

* Hydrangea- means vanity

* Iris- means faith

* Lilacs (White) - mean youthful Innocence

* Lilies- mean purity

* Orchid- means rare beauty

* Petunia- means anger and resentment

* Roses- mean love, always a good pick

* Sunflowers- mean devotion

* Tulip- means a declaration of love, a sign of a perfect lover

* Tiger Lily- means wealth and pride

* Violets (Blue) - mean constancy


Ebaying again !!

07 28 08_1266, originally uploaded by The Chateau.

I am not sure what it is but I seem to do very well with Ebay!.. I have tried several other venues and it just doesn't seem the same. So I have been going threw a few of my things and I just decided to list this beautiful Westmoreland Panel Grape Milk glass Pedestal Cake Plate! Very pretty..huh. Starting price of $29.99.

So if you would like to see my store I am working feel free, I would love your feed back on how you sell your wares!.