This is a Poem My 11 year daughter wrote, Children are Amazing & Simple !
Just thought I would share her thoughts this week

I Am

I am a short little girl who has a big heart!!
I wonder if god will make me a doctor. I hear my mom and dad say you will get taller don’t worry. I see me being an ob gyn doctor.
I want to have a beautiful life.

I am a short little girl who has a big heart. I pretend to be a doctor on my brother. I feel like my uncle is with me when I go to bed. I touch the clouds in the sky!! I worry about when the world will end. I cry that my uncle died.

I am a short little girl who has a big heart.
I understand that there will be a rapture.
I say there is a god.
I dream that I live in a world with peace.

By Corrie Kay Faith Miller


Bubble Buds Vignett

Okay.. I confuse ... I have been doing a little shopping, while I was out I feel in love with this Very Cute Bathroom 50's bubble time! I think I mostly feel in love with the color and that is was a set of 3! Just wanted to share my sweet little find for the day.



What a great week!!

I am being featured @ frenchcupboard.com

So... I thought in honor of being featured,I would have a sale!
Everything in my shops are 20% off! Just for you!
1 Week only!
Stop in and see all the goodies!
You may for your purchases at each site and at the end,
I will combine shipping and refund you the difference in shipping fees :)
What a deal!!

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What a great Suprise!

The Chateau of Remnants has received a really honorable award!!

WOW!!! I received an award!!
Marcel Proust from "etsycottagestyle"
has honored The Chateau of Remnants blog with the Kreativ Blogger Award...Yeah!!!

Now we have to list 7 things that we like, enjoy & love...

* I love all things Vintage
* I love making a new purpose for old remnants
* I think Pink
* I have a deep love for God and Faith
* I enjoy all of my family & Friends!
* I like to collect Ephemera Paper and more paper...
Chocolate if my all time Favorite

The second part of this post is a little harder, because you need to pass this award on to 7 blogs you consider creative. Not an easy task, we are surrounded by creativity in Blog Land!


!00 Year old Photo

I found this site that changes your photos to look a 100 years old! Have fun playing with it like me :)




ReVamping A Bed to a Bench

Here is the project that I have been working on for about a week now!
I took an old bed and turned it into a bench.
So Chic! So Cute!
One of items that was going to the Flea Market in Temecula but, will never make it!
It has already been SOLD!!
Good thing... I Feel in love with it! I wanted to keep it!!


My Custom design work for mammabellarte

rita cards, originally uploaded by The Chateau of Remants Flickr.

My Recent custom business card, blog, banner/logo design for Rita!

Take a look at her blog and see my recent work!


This was a very fun enjoyable design.

Thanks Rita for allowing me to create your New Look!!

If you are interested me please send me an email!




Flea Market Goodies Vintage Canadian Moonshine Bottle

Here is a "Sneak Peek" of some delightful and unexpected treasures I have been making and gathering for The Flea Market!
A pretty bud vase for any office, room or special place you see fit!