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On cleaning day in the craft room I found this large bag of zippers and now the questions is what the heck do I do with them? What was my original intent for these... I haven't A clue! I guess I should write on my boxes why I am saving them and what I candgo with them. Please tell me, I am not the only one saving all of crazy kinds of things and can't remember WHY!...lol

So I am open to suggestions! Or should I just goodwill them?



Anonymous said...

In my younger years when I made a lot of clothes I used to struggle with zippers so in light of all the angst of putting them in... I would toss them!! LOL!! LOL!!
Have A Wonderful Day!!

Terri Gordon said...

Have you seen the wonderful flowers you can make with these kind of zippers, you can see lots of them on Etsy. They are really neat.

Terri Gordon said...

I might be interested in purchasing them from you. Let me know what price you would like for them.