A Busy Family life!

Here is what we have been up to lately! 
Very life changing things here... I must say for the kids and us as parents!
We have 3 kiddos..  and 2 out of the three promoted and one graduated from High School!
This Corrie Promoting from 8th grade to a freshman
This is the baby! I cant believe in 4 short years I will be done with kids in school! :(

This is Jesse our High School Graduate .. Class of 2011 :)
So proud of him! He has big plans to go to college and become a Engineer 
(not sure of the field of Engineering he wants to specialize in yet)

Our Middle child Cheyenne with will be a senior next year! Class 2012
Any words of wisdom or thought? How long do let kids live at home after graduating? Do give rules and curfew? What will empty nest be like, how do I prepare? HElP....