The Coolest Blog Award

Thank you Eunice for the Award !

I am so grateful for my very first blog Award from Eunice @ The Little Things she has chosen me as one of her top ten coolest blogs !!! So I will also list my top ten coolest blogs also !!!

Here are the guidelines for receiving this award:
1. Put the logo on your blog2. Add a link to the person who awarded you3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award4. Add links to those blogs5.

Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
Here are my Top Ten !!
1. Adored Before

7. Southern Lady's Vintage
8. Kindred Roses
9. Treasured Heirlooms
10. The Shabby Romantic
These where hard t pick!!! Please enjoy visiting every one's blogs!!

Thank you and Many Blessings to you All!


Flea Market Friday

Here are some Flea Market Goodies
If you would like to purchase any of these to purchase,
please leave a comment or send me a email @ mylittlechateau@aol.com.

Noritake " Fleurette" Platter
made in japan. Measurements
Oval Serving Platter
13 5/8. There a small nick (size of pencil head) on side corner.
Sale Pice $40.00 + shipping

Imerial Satin Glass Compote w/ Trophy handles
Sale Price $15.00 + shipping

Jeanette Pink Milk Glass Pitcher & Juice Cups
There is a nick on pitcher and 1 cup.
Sale Price $ 45.00 + shipping

4 Vintage Curtian tie backs, these are rather lrg ones about 8'' long
Sales price $ 25.00 + shipping

Have a Great Weekend


Childrens Ornament Craft Idea's

Ok Ladies, I really need your help!!
I have been a room mom to many times in the same school and

I am fresh out of Idea's this year!
I want to do something creative, fun and expensive...!
This is for a class of 30 sixth graders J
I am welcoming any help, suggestions and Ideas I can get.
We need to start this project on 12/5/08 and 1 week later, not much time to work with.

Thank You with many Blessings,



Vintage Recipes For Thanksgiving

I found this great website with very vintage recipes
There are some very different ingredients, I believe you will enjoy
all the unusual recipes :) Let me know what you think!!
Happy Days with Blessings


Lolli Shop

I need your HELP
All I need you to do is click the link below :)
I want to be the one with the most viewed from my site..
Our Lolli Shop will be opening soon!
If want to join and be apart of the great Shop
click on the image below and sumbit your application
Please don't forget to note (The Chateau of Remnats or Renee Miller)