My thoughts and goals for 2009

Well, I have really been thinking about 2009 and I am feeling a little anxious!!
The last 2 years have brought so much sadness and strain to our family. That it is making feel like, I can claim high hopes for 2009! My heart is really wanting 2009 to flip around and see some sunshine and smiles!
So here are a few of my hopes, goals, and dreams ....

  • Keep the Lord on top of my list
  • Get Jobs for Hubby or I
  • Get the Kids back on track...
  • Read the bible all the way through
  • Get Organized
  • Move to a new area!
  • Lose 35 pounds by June
  • Re-New Our Wedding Vows
  • Go to High School Reunion 20 year
  • Get my business up and running better!! More things listed and sold!!
  • Make more new Great Friends
  • Blog more often that once a week ...Yike
  • Take time for ME!!
No resolutions here, just prayers and more prayers!
I challenge you to take the pledge to make a dream and goal list for your New year too!
And together we can encourage and inspire each other growth through out our 2009 year

Here is a 2009 New Year badge

Post to your goals and this badge to your Blog!
Then send me the link showing you posted and you will be entered for the drawing
for the Vintage New Year's giveaway ..! Giveaway Ends January 31st


My New Swap Buddy

I love my New Swap Buddy!!
Thanks Lu`Lu
This was the greatest Christmas Swap ever! Lu Lu was so
Thoughtful and Giving! I was blessed with getting her as a Swap
Partner! There were so many goodies in my box, and everthing looked so pretty!
Thanks.. again... again... again :)

It's taken me a few extra days to post,
due to a bad cold Sorry...


Collections of Chrismas

Here are few of my Favorite Ornaments

that I made for a swap & some are off my tree




Vintage Pink Swap

Here are my beautiful goodies from MommyHolly

Look at my fabulous gifts from the SWAP! I never new how fun swaps can be!
This was my very first SWAP and I truly enjoyed my treasures!
What a Blessing! Thanks Holly