Handmade Christmas Gifts

Well, I am sorry for not posting for a while but, I have been a very busy little elf! Here is one of my example of my handmade Christmas gifts! I am so happy with how this turned out. I had get hubby involed with my crafting this year too. It was great Date nights for US!

This year we made crosses, stocking, hair bows, blankets and baked goodies!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Blessed 2010


Pink Holiday Christmas Topairy Tree Collage

Well here is one of my latest creations! Things have been so crazy here I have had no time to craft or think!

Here's how it started I was cleaning the other day and picked up my pink candle stick and I thought maybe I should just give it to GW and then my brain went into over drive and..... Oh my this would make a very cute tree for Christmas. So of course I had to go digging through my vintage Christmas decor and starting hot gluing!

I made two of these! I love it. Just wanted to blog about this fun new creation and tell everyone sorry, I haven' t blogged but life has been so hectic lately!

Have a Pink Week!