GIRLS just want to have FUN!

What happen to some of life simpler moments? How did we get so fast pace that we have stopped remembering how to enjoy ourselves or what to do with our time.
Girls we need to start taking more time to enjoy ourselves and just having FUN...
       So tell me girls if you had more time what would you do? 

My list of Fun things I would do if I had more time!

♥ MORE Crafting!!!!!
♥ Horse backing riding
♥ Read a book on the Beach
♥ Eat breakfast in bed
♥ Pick wild flowers
♥ Sleep in
♥ Shopping
♥ Read more
♥ Taking dancing lessons
♥ Go to the Movies
♥ Play dress-up
♥ Go in hot air balloon
♥ Mini road trips
♥ Drive across the US