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I am participating in Show off Monday & Rococo Fan Swap ! This is one of the Fans I made. This one won"t make it to my partner! My problem is I am never sure of my work or if this would be my partners style...lol

I really need to get a little lot more confidence in my work. I really did 3 fans and finally sent the last one I made.

So, I guess why I am posting about this, is get feed back as to how I get over the fear of giving my own work (and selling)! Any hints or suggestions? Give it to me!! Do tell!


This the first fan I made out of full fabric with cardboard down the middle to add

some stiffness to it.

Here is the actual fan I sent off to my swap partner! ( I hope Terri doesn't see this yet...lol)

The background on the fan is from Vintage fabric, I scanned and copied. Then on the back I spray painted over the top of a dollie to give a lace look,


Becs said...

Oh I love your fans! The first one is divine! Great job! You have every right to brag... Becs

Whar swap are you doing for the fans? I love swaps, so if you know of any I could join please let me know.

chris said...

Your fans are delightful! You should be very proud of what you make. Your swap partner will love it, I just know it! Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes,

Debbi said...

absoultely amazing! You need to brag about these!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your fans are just lovely! I think are are beautiful they way they are. Be proud of them, great job! Thank you for stopping by & leaving such a nice comment :~)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Renee! I absolutely love those fans...I also love the way you did the back with the doily design...great idea! Listen, where are you exacted located? I have a person in Riverside looking for someone to shabby a dresser for her and I'm all the way in San Clemente...way too far! Let me know if it's something you are interested on doing and I send you the info. Thanks!!!

Terri said...

No I didn't see it until today and hopped on over to say thank you and you already know that since I sent you and e-mail and did a post.
No right or wrong way to do these fans. And I learned a technique or two from you. Thanks for being such a wonderful swap partner.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I sent you an email but came back to me so here it is:

Hi Renee, this lady is looking for someone to paint and distress her dresser. She is in Riverside. I already sent her an email telling her about you and sent her your site info. You might want to contact her if you are interested. I have no idea how much she is willing to pay.

Her name is Stacie and her email is:


I hope it works for both of you!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

I love what you did Renee. Your fan is very pretty and I love the idea of spray painting over a doiley?! for the effect. Stunning piece.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Your fans are wonderful. I love the creative ideas you had. You should be very proud of your work. I know exactly what you mean about confidence. I have never been very confident and always ooh and ahh over everyone elses & feel I can't compare. I could use a power class on confidence & self esteem. I think the more comfortable we get the better we get.