My Favorite Booth @ the Rose Bowl

Ok Ladies ... I found some great finds but, I wanted to share this great booth! She has very unusual things and it is just feels very Classic Chic! Let me tell you I had a long fun, exhausting and inspiring day! You must go some time when you can!

Ta Ta for Now ,


Melissa said...

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! View the detail on my blog, here:


Fleur de Bee said...

I am soooo jealous of you right now! I lived in LA for 6 years and went to this Flea Market all the time! Love your checklist below! I recall making such a checklist lol! Fantastic Booth! If I come down I will let you know and we can go together and drool!

xx Molly

Melissa said...

The tagging IS fun! Where did you leave your list of 7 things? I am anxious to see everyones random facts :) The flea market looks amazing-love your blog!