RoseBowl Flea Market

I have been preparing for this weekend to come for days now!
Here are the few steps I take just to get ready... don't lol :) But you will!
1. Make sure I have $$$$ 1's 5's & 10's, Go to the Bank!!
2. Make sure the car is cleaned out and ready to be stuffed FULL!
3. Get Walking shoes and clothes laid-out and ready.
4. Prepare my Granny cart ready for loading with all my Fabulous finds.
5. Charge Cell phone in case I have to phone a friend about an item :)
6. Get my fanny pack ready with camera, $, phone, water, sunblock and chapstick!
7. Set Alarm for 5:00 a.m
8. Go to bed and dream of my adventure to come :)

Okay, now I know that I am missing some steps but, you get the idea of it right...lol

If you want more info about the Rosebowl yourself just click on the Logo and there you will find all you need.

Happy FleaMarketing! Hope to see you there!



mommyholly said...

Ooooh how fun, I have been dying to check this out!! My friend went to the last one and got some amazing pieces! :) We are swap partners for the Vintage Pink Christmas swap, I am sooo excited to get started!!! xo!

piggy said...

Wow.. that sounds like great fun!! I miss the flea markets in the states :( Why why why.. don't they have good ones here :(