Fall Time is Here!!

I have to say that Fall / Autumn, is my most favorite time of the year!
I truly enjoy leaves changing & falling, the Misty mornings, Warm drinks,
baking season, gourds, and smell of pumpkins!
I love the feeling of the Harvest in the Fall! And The spookiness of Halloween :)
(n.) The harvest or fruits of autumn.
(adj.) of fall, of the season between summer and winter
Here are some of my Favorite Vintage Pics, just wanted to share!


art by naomi said...

All your images here of fall are so cozy, warm and inviting. Wish I had a fireplace to curl up in front of. -naomi

Alisa said...

Even though Fall isn't my favorite season (Spring is) it is still a very nice time of year!

Melissa said...

i love fall too- your images make me wish i has an apple pie in the oven! so inviting :)