My New Challenges.. New Job

Oh my goodness who new? I kinda had to join the work force.... YIKES! Today was my first official first day. I am now working full time and trying to juggle hubby, kids, house and my Vintage business? Ladies, I need your help, how the heck do you do all it? I have no clue as to where to even start. I am so stressed out and tired. Already, so much had to happen kids going to sitters, dinner time is later or dive-thur, and showering @ 11:00pm. The worse thing that happened was my Granny went into the hospital last night and I couldn't even stay with her to make sure she is ok, She is still there and I can't visit no time! Lunchs, showers, and homework still!!!! Help... my hair turn grey overnight...lol
Thanks for listening to me vent! Sorry :)

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Sunny said...

I wish I had some advice! I can't imagine doing all I do now with kids, house, etsy...and add to that a job!

Your blog is adorable!