A Vintage Sassy Pink Saturday..

I am  feeling like have a A Vintage Sassy Pink Saturday..  I am addicted to the color Pink, in all shades

The Meanings of the Color PINK ♥

Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means "I will never forget you".

Pink Color Meaning with Boys & Girls WWII

Interestingly, during the time of the Great Depression, pink was associated with boys instead of girls because it was seen as more decided and masculine, while blue was associated with girls because it was seen as more dainty and delicate. This color stereotype was later inverted after World War II.

Pink Energy

Pink is a combination of red and white. The quality of energy in pink is determined by how much red is present. White is the potential for fullness, while red helps you to achieve that potential. Pink combines these energies. Shades of deep pink, such as magenta, are effective in neutralizing disorder and violence. Some prisons use limited deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behavior.
Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.
Put some pink in your life when you want:
  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment

I Joined  Beverly's  Pink Saturday @ http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/06/so-just-what-is-pink-saturday.html

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful posting! Welcome to Pink Saturday, I really love your blog! Marcia

Anonymous said...

lovely and informative~
Happy Pink Saturday~


Rebecca said...

Welcome to PS-love the vintage powder puff jar!

NanE said...

Hi Renee, Happy First Pink Saturday! I really enjoyed your thoughts on Pink today. Have a great weekend, Nan

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Renee, Happy Pink Saturday! What a wonderful PS post! I knew pink was calming because I have it all over my house. It's my favorite color as it soothes my nerves.

Pink Hugs!

LV said...

I really enjoyed your Pink show for today. I learned something too. I did not know all that about pink. Thanks for this and sharing your pretty pinks.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Renee', Welcome to Pink Saturday! I found your post so very interesting. So nice to visit today.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! And yes, this is a very sassy post ;)


~~Carol~~ said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! I really enjoyed the pink history. I had no idea it represented boys at one time. Wait 'til I tell my husband that one! And that skirt is just adorable!
Happy PS!

Ann said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. I enjoyed learning the pink history. All of your pinks are lovely for todays post. Happy PS.

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Loved your
post! You have a very pretty blog!

Flora Doora

Gail said...

Great post Renee. Love the info on pink, especially interest about the use with boys and girls. Beautiful perfume bottle and swan. Glad you are joining us for PS

That shabby Pink Girl said...

I love your Blog, great information about PINK, thanks for sharing that with us, I've always loved Pink, since I was little, everything had to be Pink!
Welcome to Pink Saturday!

Have a Happy Day.
marian elizabeth

Candi said...

Happy Pink Saturday Renea!! Loved your post, especially the part about the colors of pink and blue. How interesting that is. Stop by my blog for a giveaway.

Sherry from Alabama said...

Your pink facts are very interesting. I remember my grandmother telling me that they used to dress boys in pink a long time ago. I love your powder jar. Wish I could find one that pretty to put my homemade anti perspirant in. I'm always on the look out for one while out thrifting. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Christi Williams said...

Welcome, Happy Pink Saturday! I love vintage things, fun post with great info.

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Beautiful pinks, Welcome to Pink Saturdays, we have lots of fun, great Pink information you posted, I loved it! Have a fun Pink filled day!

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Welcome to Pink Saturday....Loved your post and adore that lovely pink powder jar and the glass swan.

Seaside Rose Creations said...

Happy PS!!! Love the powder jar! Your blog is great!
Stop by my PS blog if you get a chance :)

Jacqueline said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. What interesting and fun things you taught me today about pink. I had no idea that it used to be associated with masculine qualities. I dressed my two boys in a lot of great pink shirts when they were young. They are my favorite photos. Now they are scared of it! Thanks for sharing.

Jean said...

Lovely first post. Happy belated Pink Day.

Incipient Wings said...

I love that jar...so pretty!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

OH, my goodness....I just came across your blog and love it!
I am signing up to follow~
Thank you for sharing!

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Renee. I am so glad you decided to join us.

Pink is a well loved color around the world. It surely can give us a smile.