Tie Creations in my Whimsy Mind

The other day while looking for something to dress up my tee shirt and remembering I had just done the rosette swap. A light bulb moment went off in my head to make a rosette while still keeping a tie style for my tee shirt!  Simply adorable!
I like to use pure silk ties they are just easier to shape and sew ...
When my teen girls saw it on, they too feel in love with them! This is such a great way to re-purpose old vintage ties! I added a little "bling" for the picture but, I believe either way these ties are great way of dressing up any plain old tee shirt or blouse. 
I would love to know what you think and see what you are creating this week...

Toodles, ♥


Anonymous said...

Great idea & I love the bling!!

Karen said...

Oh! My! STARS! What a great idea! I am going to have to try this!!! Great job!
ooking forward to the swap party on the 1st!
Have a great day!
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

Karen said...

Never too late to join! I'll add you on in the morning . . . :)

Nancy said...

I Love this Idea!! and the Bling too! Thanks for sharing!!

Adriana C said...

Interesting stuff. Keep us these nice posts!