Time to play Catch up!!

Sorry, I have been very busy lately! I took on a lot of Swap and Life have has given me some serious curve balls!

My nerves are on edge! I have my 20th Class reunion in 1 week and not sure about the whole thing! At first I was dying to go and now I realize most of the friends I really wanted to see and visit aren't attending (**sigh**) Plus, I had high hope to get off my bottom and loose some weight. I am not sure why I felt it was important but either way it has bummed me out, I haven't lost a pound!! I have been walking for 2 month and nothing?? Well, I am making my heart healthier right!! Second big issues is who has $200 for dinner and chit chat? Not me! Okay... (vent over)

Last I am having surgery in 2 weeks lots of female issues and soI going into do 1 procedure and depending on what the doctors find I might end up with a hysterectomy . Well I am not 40 yet and I don't want it but, I guess I have to do what needs to happen right! I have been praying a whole lot!

Now for the fun stuff! SWAPPING

13 Days of Halloween exchange arrived! Just and few more days and I will be able to open and you can see all my get gifts on the count down starting on OCTOBER 19Th!!
All for ME!!!!! My swap partner is Debra@ It's All Good

My second Swap was Artsy Mama's Sweet & Sinister Swap
I had Sheila @ blessedanddistressed
Our theme was to stay with Black and white with a hint of orange if we had to! I love everything!! So elegant if there is such a thing for Halloween! lol I loved how she packaged everything!




Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your female issues. I pray you have quick recovery.
As for the 20th reunion.... My daughter just had her 20th reunion this past summer. She did not attend... She said that she sees all the friends she wants without a reunion!!
Now my 50th reunion will be in 10 years. By then who care what we look like.... we just go for a nose count to see who is still alive!! LOL!!!!!


Hi Renee,
I had a little "female" issues this summer and am better with just a little "work"...
Looks like you rec'd some fun swap treasures :)
I didn't go to my 35th reunion last year as I was feeling fat and didn't care..it's the first one I've missed...and I didn't really miss not going.
Take care.
Deb :)

Jeff said...

Hey dear, I sent you an email. I need to make sure you got it. If not, please email me at hayatiggs at comcast dot net