Moo cards Needed!

I just thought I would share mine while I was at it! I am in the process of ordering more if you haven't started Mooing yet you should! Just FUN Cards!

Question?? does any one know where to order post cards similar to the way we do the moo cards

No Down to Business

Swapping Moo Cards
Come and join.. help a Sarah @ Gypsymermaidlife.blogspot.com with her search for Moo Cards

moo cards, originally uploaded by The Chateau of Remants Flickr.


Le_Vintage said...

oh my goodness i just love you're blog!! I'm hosting a swap right now on my blog and we'd love for you to join so if you have some time check it out!!!

Le Vintage

Terri said...

Moo card I had never heard of it till I came hear I asked Deb today if she had hear of them...yep sure enough she had..So they are like a busniness card..how cool is that.

Debra said...

Renee I just posted a 'teaser" for the Halloween Swap! I will be sending out soon!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Moo Cards? Its 11pm now but I'd have to come back and find out what these are. After I get some beauty sleep though!!
Hugs and have a wonderful week!!