Chic Vintage Trade, Swap, Buy or Sell Market Place

Okay, the day is here for trading, swapping or buying... Frenzy

Here's how this will work! All are welcome to join the Group & Rules are simple!

1. List the items you would like to swap, and or up for purchase! List the asking price and if you are offering with or without shipping, this entirely up to you! ( I don't want just a bunch of sellers, please we need a trades and sellers! Oh yeah Buyers and Swappers ;)

2. Create 1 photo, list items you are wanting to Swap/ Trade (wish list).

3. Join the Flickr Group pool! @ Chic Vintage Trade, Swap, Buy or Sell Market

4. Post a Button on your Blog

5.Everything is done with fun!

6.Please be courteous of others!

Please Pass the Button Love, the more the Merrier!!

I am open to suggestions since this will be new to all of us

and I would love to keep this an on going thing for all!



Sharon said...

Thank you so much for the invite to the Flickr group! I'm really excited about it as I've never done anything like this before LOL

I've added a button to my blog but couldn't get the code to work ~ still, I managed to get there the long way round!!

BellaRosa said...

Hi Renee, Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and the invite to join Swap. I am so new to this that I think I will see how it all works and try having my daughter help me. I am how do you say...computer ignorant :) I still am trying to figure out how to add peoples blogs to my side bar :) Give me a lil time and I know I will get it! In the mean time I will see what everyone has because who knows, I just might find some wonderful treasures. I hope to be invited to another one next time, Thank you again, and visit me anytime :) Hey I finally figured out that when I leave a comment it leaves my blog addy...I kept wondering how people were finding me and leaving wonderful comments from blogs I had visited and left a comment :) future blog pro->Rose