My Crafting Room

I joined Karen's blog party "Where Bloggers Create".So here's a peak into fellow blogger's studios, crafting and creative spots!

Here a Look in to Mine :) DH built me an area off the side of the porch!

My Crafting Room, originally uploaded by The Chateau of Remants Flickr.

The other side to my Room...I have been sewing a lot lately! Below is how I store most of my Vintage Papers and Rolls of Ribbon

I hope you enjoyed see in to my Crafting... Creating.... Studio




Terri said...

A really happy space for you to do what you do...create! and those suitcases are amazing for storage. I see so many of the ladies have the how great is that!
Hope you are enjoying the party!

zandra said...

Glad you joined the party! So nice to fine you. Have fun at the party! Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

What a great place for you to create!!

Rengin Yazitas said...

What a lovely place to be creative!
I liked your way to store your ribbons.
Rengin, in Istanbul

Debra said...

Just so cute and cozy. Love it. Also love the use of the vintage luggage!


Hi Renee,

Very pretty and organized craft room...looks almost too pretty to craft in!!
Happy Weekend.
Deb :)

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Renee,
Your crafting room look like fun. I love your display table.
Thank you for sharing,

Christine Edwards said...

Renee, what a lovely space you have. Those vintage suitcases are gorgeous, and a great way to store papers. Thank you for sharing your inspiring creative space.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space....I am a fan of vintage suitcases too and love to use them for storage.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I wish my hubby was a bit more handy so he could make things for me too...but I still love him~LOL

Those suitcases are great...your whole space is GREAT!!!!

The French Bear said...

Renee, this is a lovely space and I adore the suitcases!! What a wonderful creative space. It is so nice to see what others collect and how they display everything!!! Your space is so inviting and inspiring!!!
Margaret B

Liberty said...

I love suitcases, what does that say about my mind? Should I runaway? hehe. Vintage anything is so comforting and so is your pretty space!

Claudia said...

You have a lovely space and how nice of your husband to help you create it. Love the suitcases - they sure are handy, aren't they?

Sheila R said...

What a great space to create. I love your storage idea with the suitcases... I'll be hunting some of my own.

Thanks for sharing your space!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing Rene! What a fun, lovely space you have to CREATE in!

I love those vintage cases...whoo hoo! They are my PASSION!

Blessing to you again...


Kara Ward said...

Love the suitcases and what a dear DH!

Nadine said...

What a wonderful space to create in! I love the colors!


June said...

I am having so much fun seeing all the different places women go to play. I'll bet you have a great time in there. Such a blessing to have a place of one's own.

Queen of Dreamsz said...


What a great space for you...I love the use of the vintage suitcases for your papers and other flat stuff..great idea!

I hope you'll drop by to see my "studio in progress". I've recently moved into my home and have been and still am remodeling for the second month...but it's getting there!

Hope to see you,

Cottage Remnant said...

I think it so funny (good sense of the word) that some of us, or maybe all of us.....(gals who love to create), need to have their craft rooms (or areas), creatively decorated as well...
It can't just be functional, it has to be cute as well.... I love it.
Creativity is skin deep...


Michelle (Shell) May said...

What a fun space Renee! I love it!
Happy sewing to you!
bunny hugs,

Natasha said...

What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

Enjoy the party!

Warm Wishes,


Judy @ In His Grip said...

You have got a great space. I love the color!!!! Come on over and visit my studio at:


I am lovin' this party!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Aren't our sweet men great??? He built you a wonderful space and you filled it with all your creative goodness! It's very charming. Thank you so much for coming to my party. You've really helped make it a success!

My Desert Cottage

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

A lovely space; love the suitcases!
I didn't get my studio photographed for this event, but I am having a giveaway on my blog this weekend for "Christmas in July". Please stop by if you have not already done so (and if you like PINK! :)

Nancy said...

What a nice space! No wonder you are so creative!!! I always tend to end up at the kitchen table! Thanks for sharing it!

cindy said...

Wonderful space! LOVE that stack of suitcases...great storage and they look awesome! You have created a lovely spot to follow your muse in.

yapping cat

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your space with all of us!
Dancingly, Denise

Miss Sandy said...

What a charming space to create in, thanks for sharing.

Molly Alexander said...

What a fun space - I just love the green walls and old suitcases. Your artwork is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your space!

:-) Molly

KV Creative Designs said...

I think you are just teasing us! I want to see MORE!! I hope you will come visit my new Studio!

Artful Blessings,

Rita said...

Cool room Renee,
and no chickens! hope to see you soon. Ciao Rita