The Meaning of Flowers

Here is a list of different flowers and what they mean.

* Acacia- means concealed love

* Ambrosia- means love that is reciprocated

* Azalea- means love and romance

* Birds of Paradise- mean magnificence

* Camellia- means longing for you

* Carnations- mean fascination

* Chrysanthemums (Red) - mean sharing

* Daffodil- means unrequited love

* Daisies (White) - mean loyal love

* Ferns- mean sincerity

* Gardenias- Mean I secretly love you

* Hibiscus- means delicate beauty

* Hydrangea- means vanity

* Iris- means faith

* Lilacs (White) - mean youthful Innocence

* Lilies- mean purity

* Orchid- means rare beauty

* Petunia- means anger and resentment

* Roses- mean love, always a good pick

* Sunflowers- mean devotion

* Tulip- means a declaration of love, a sign of a perfect lover

* Tiger Lily- means wealth and pride

* Violets (Blue) - mean constancy


EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

During Victorian times these meanings were very significant. One had to be careful not to send the "wrong" flowers. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing..each flower also has healing properties and a fairy! I use to know all that but not now? Are you selling on Lolli? Any luck? Was there some kind of fallout?

Anonymous said...

I never met a flower I didn't like! Thank you for sharing the meanings.
Hugs, Marilyn