The Website is Big Work!

Ok .. Who knew creating your own website would be so much work? Trust me I didn't. I feel like the Turtle in the Hare Race..lol I am struggling with my blog as it is, let alone a website what was I thinking?? Wait, I am not sure I was! Oh boy have I been pulling my hair out, frustrated, and whacked out all at the same time. My children want to go to school on Monday to get away from me :)
Here is my Up and coming Website .. Take a peek


Carol said...

Hello Renee! Just visiting from the Lolli guild..noticed your comment to mine about help w/figuring out all this blog/web stuff. Your blog looks great. I am still cookie cutter stuff, as I said I hope to figure out a banner w/bits & pieces of what I luv of my own some lovely day & a background too! Who knows, I made it to blogland & swaps w/new fellow crafters didn't I?!!
Best wishes & blessings to you, will check out your web soon. (PS. let me know if you find any good tutorials for "dummies" for blog/web designing LOL)

Roxie said...

You're doing a fine job Renee. Your blog looks nice, your site looks nice...in all truth though, I know it's hard.
I'm sure my kids can't wait for school either. LOL
We'll make it, in all due time.